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I’m a bit late with this post but…oh well 🙂

Here is a picture of my mom and I on the day I was born…along with my sister. Pretty sure she was mad jealous of my radiant beauty and refused to get out of the photo.

A lot of the books I’ve been reading lately (yes, I know how to read…) have been about motherhood, the good and the bad. I would recommend them, and here they are:

A few of them are quite dark, or at least deal with the not-so-fabulous elements of being a mother. But I feel like these books are a better fit for the spirit of Mother’s Day than say…a calendar of adorable mother-daughter animal pairs. They deal with some troubling subject matter, but I think that is where you find the true strength in a person (I know that sounds trite and kind of obvious). I think most people reach a realization sometime in early adulthood that their mothers are actually imperfect, fallible creatures. Before then (and…sometimes after) we’re kind of inept at seeing our mothers in a human light.

Don’t get me wrong, my mother actually is perfect. But I was talking about…like, your imperfect mothers. 😉

I feel like one of the best gifts we can give each other is the space to make mistakes. (For the record, I’m not that great at this.) And one of the best gifts we can give our mothers throughout the year is an appreciation of both their shining supermom moments but more importantly, a grateful acknowledgement of the times she just did the best she could.

These books kind of bring up a lot of internal debate about what constitutes a “good mom”, and what kind of failures lead someone to be considered a dreaded “bad mom”. I think for the most part both of these labels are hugely problematic and very unfortunate.

Although…I can say without question, and with extreme enthusiasm, that I have a good mom. A great mom. A perfect mom.